To achieve the greatest impact and results with our seminar, we would like participants to obtain a copy of our latest book, Wealth Building for Beginners. Physical book purchases and eBooks are available for download on Amazon. The book is receiving great press as seen here on CBS.

Members will be asked to read the Introduction and Chapter 1 before our seminar. This will make for an exciting and interactive presentation as Mr. Williams will make references to those chapters while building incrementally into our step-by-step wealth building “Wedge” process.

Those that attend will also have an opportunity to sign up for MassMutual’s LifeBridge program for a free $50,000 life insurance policy for those that qualify. The road to financial success is a constant journey that breeds results through consistency. It’s a privilege to work with Zion Baptist Church and we look forward to having a world class Sseminar that gets members steps closer to their financial goals.

Below is the link for the book that is now available. Delivery typically takes 2 business days.