Deacon Assignment By Tribe

Each member is assigned to a deacon and tribe. To identify your assigned deacon and tribe, please locate the first letter of your last name in parentheses below.

Asher (GHI)
Deacon John Amos
Deaconess Thelma Amos

Benjamin (PQR)
Deacon Erthwin Arneaud
Deaconess Natalie Arneaud

Dan (ACZ)
Deacon Carl Burt


Ephraim (BXY)
Deacon Charles Curry
Deaconess Margaret Curry

Gad (MNO)
Deaconess Carolyn Gordon


Issachar (JKL)
Deacon Mack Graves
Minister Connie Graves

Judah (W)
Deacon Frances Mann

Manassa (DEF)
Deacon Vernon Scott

Naphtali (STVU)
Deacon Paul Woodyear

Naphtali (STVU)
Deaconess Linda Woodyear